Closure systems for pharmaceutical vials

Simple, customisable, quick… Discover the RayDyLyo advantage !

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The innovative solution for vial capping

One of the most
innovative ranges
on the market

An all plastic solution, an alternative
to aluminium caps.

Ergonomic advantages:

  • Reduced opening efforts
  • Less risk of damaging gloves
CTO (Central Tear-Off) version for injectables

2 capping systems:

  • CTO (Central Tear-Off) for injectables,
  • TTO (Total Tear-Off) for mixing
    and reconstituting products.
a TTO (Total Tear-Off) version for mixing and reconstituting products

Eliminates the crimping operation
for liquid fill and lyo products

  • Stopper pre-assembled to the RayDyLyo cap.
  • Vial closure by simple vertical pressure.
  • Simple and saves time.
  • Capping and closing in the lyophilizer
    (class A guarantee).
RayDyLyo cap + stopper
RayDyLyo cap
Traditional cap 2 steps VS RayDyLyo cap 1 step only
Traditional cap
2 steps
RayDyLyo cap
1 step only
  • Reduces the risk of environmental contamination
  • Prevents the stopper for sticking to the lyophilizer plates
  • Eliminates “pop-off”
RayDyLyo optimises the capping operation for sterile vials

Compatible sterilization methods

An adapted sterilisation method

Choice of sterilisation mode:

  • gamma,
  • autoclave.


Different diameters available:

  • 13 mm diameter Iso 8362-1,
  • 20 mm diameter Iso 8362-1,
  • 32 mm diameter Iso 8536-1.
Different possible diameters
Wide customisable colour range available for the cap.
Wide customizable color range
RayDyLyo, more than a product, a solution. Contact us